4 octobre 2009

one billion years later...

The beautiful Noemie K tagged me just a billion years ago with the "over the top" award and the "price to pay" is to answer these questions with one word (!)
So here are my answers :

Where's your cell phone : in my hand !
Your hair : brunette
Your mother : dreamer
Your father : smart
Favorite food : sushi
Dream last night : nightmare !!
Favourite drink : mojiiiiiito
What room are you : bathroom
Hobbie : art exhibitions
Fear : spiders
Where were you last night : japanese restaurant
Something that you aren't : liar
Muffins : macaroons
Where did you grow up : Paris + Geneva (Switzerland), sorry 2 words !
What are you wearing : soft grey little dress + black tights
Your pets : a cat (Scapin, named after a famous French theatre character)
Friends : forever
Something you're not wearing : yellow
Favorite store : Sandro and Uniqlo (oups, 2 again!)
Favorite color : grey
Last time you laughed : this morning
Your best friend : have fews
Place you go to over and over : my family countryhouse (in the middle of nowhere, Auvergne, France)
Person who emails you regurarly : ahem... a billion ?
Favorite place to eat : Il Nero Gallo (Italian restaurant in my street)

3 commentaires:

  1. so love your cat's name .... scapin..... ! I was born in Lyon, so....
    great to know a little bit more about you*

  2. macarons un jour, macarons toujours !! et les cupcakes, alors ? hein ?

  3. @ Noémie K : thank you again for the tag ! it was pretty nice !!

    @ S. : oh, oui ! les cupcakes aussi bien sûr. mais bon, j'attends toujours d'en goûter qui égalent les macarons Ladurée ou même ceux de P. Hermé...


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