28 septembre 2009

i would like to meet a whale some day

7 commentaires:

  1. they're sooo beautiful, understand you ^^
    xoxo carrie

  2. j'ai un petit frère (plutôt grand maintenant) qui a une phobie immense des baleines... en même temps il ne risque pas d'en croiser trop souvent
    ta sélection est très très belle

  3. quel magnifique post !! j'adore ton blog (et merci pour ton comment)****

  4. beautiful pictures! whales are so graceful

  5. I love these old illustrations. They remind of a whale report that I did when I was ten. I saw a bunch of whales when I lived in Boston. They were so amazing. A bunch came up really close to the boat and one ever breached out of the water. It was by far one of the coolest things I've ever seen.


  6. @ Maria Confer : how cool ! i really want to see something like that one day. you were very lucky girl !

    @ Kelly & Tracy : the most graceful !

    @ Noémie K : thanks !!

    @ Eudoxie : c'est vrai ;)

    @ Stéphanie & Carrie : merci beaucoup


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