23 septembre 2009

learn something every day

... is just the most interresting blog at the moment. have a look here !

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  1. pas tout compris le coup du cochon... vais jeter un oeil !!

  2. I love this blog too, it's so cute!!

    Mary poppins is pure love, hahaha! Sounds nice in french!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. Very interesting...I learned new things today :)


  4. Ha-ha, I actually knew most of these (well, I did study Japanese). Did you know turkeys drown themselves when they try to watch the rain fall?

  5. These are such sweet illustrations!

  6. @ s. : vas !! :)

    @ Sahakiel : i'm not sure to thank you because now i've all Mary Poppins songs in my head for at least the rest of the week !!!!

    @ Stéphanie : n'est-ce pas ? je suis devenue une véritable addict !

    @ Ashley : that's what is the fun part !

    @ Rebecca, The Clothes Horse : i'm impressed for the Japanese lessons ! and oooh, i didn't know for the poor turkeys !! :)

    @ Winnie : i agree with you Winnie !! moreover learning things, illustrations are nice !


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